...and a Happy New Year too! How is 2013 treating you all so far? Mine is shaping up rather nicely now that i've gotten over the relief that 21/12/12 wasn't the end of the world after all!
First of all i am very proud to announce that i am now working with the wonderful Entertainingly Different team doing drama, movement and physical theatre workshops in schools and festivals. We had a great time in December performing our 'Traditional Tales' Christmas Show in schools across the region and there shall be plenty more non-crimble Traditional Tales shows coming up in 2013, i'll keep y'all posted.
I have also joined the associated Transitions Theatre Company and this year we are performing 'The Adventures of Mr Toad' up and down the country which is a really fun show for all the family so do come and see us if we are anywhere near you. We are also still taking bookings so if you know of a great open-air space that you'd like to have us come and perform at then do get in touch.
My other big news is that "Project: Uncle Charlie" (my Charles Causley project) is well under way and we are beginning recording in early February. I cannot begin to describe how excited i am about that and the handful of talented & lovely people who are helping me to make it. It has felt like a long time in coming but with 2013 being the tenth anniversary of his death, it also feels very fitting that it should happen this year, hooray!
I wish you all a joyous and prosperous new year and hope you are enjoying the snow! Lots of love - Jim x