Devonshire Roses

2020 Hrōc Music

DEVONSHIRE ROSES – 20 Favourite Songs of Devon.

When I recorded ‘Dumnonia’ back in 2010, I set out to record a collection of lesser-known Devon folk songs and consciously avoided the most popular and well known songs. Well now I feel it is time to turn the tables and record an album of all the best loved Devonshire songs and perhaps a few you might know less well but will soon come to love!

I have recorded several great Devon songs on my albums over the years, most notably on ‘Fruits of the Earth’ (2005) and ‘Dumnonia’ (2011) and ‘A Causley Christmas’ (2018). I avoided the well-known songs as I felt they were already well represented but in recent years I’ve felt the urge to turn the tide and record some of the BIG Devon favourites on a follow-up album. Here is that album! There are a few that I would have liked to have included on here such as ‘Arscott of Tetcott’, ‘The Earl of Totnes’, ‘The Whimple Wassail’ and the ‘Exmoor Anthem’ but you can find them on my earlier recordings. So until I create a mega-compilation album, you can feast on these!

This record has been brought to life with superb performances from guest musicians; Nick Wyke & Becki Driscoll – fiddle duo of North Devon, Matt Norman from Okehampton on banjo, mandolin and mandola plus the ‘Mariners Away’ shanty crew of South Zeal adding rousing choruses and harmonies. Oh and Jim Causley on accordions, piano and singing too! All musicians recorded themselves at home but you’d never know! The artwork is by the wonderful Karen Cater of ‘Hedingham Fair’ fame of course.

A joyful celebration of the county in song that will warm the cockles of any Devonian whether at home or in exile, born here or drawn here!

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Track listing

  1. The Bell Ringing
  2. The Rounding of Cape Horn
  3. Bampton Fair
  4. Childe the Hunter
  5. What About a Little Drop o Cider
  6. The Blue Flame / Queen of Hearts
  7. The Dolton Boys
  8. Old Cobley
  9. Blackingstone Ravens
  10. The Mallard
  11. Glorious Devon
  12. My Lady’s Coach
  13. Twenty One Years on Dartmoor
  14. Out Stepped Mother and Me
  15. The Slapton Smuggler
  16. Tavistock Goozey Fair
  17. Fremington Great Meat Pie
  18. Ockington
  19. The Exeter Carol
  20. Widecombe Fair

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