Mawkin:Causley – The Awkward Recruit

2009 Navigator Records

An unlikely union between mischievous young Essex band Mawkin and Devon’s outstanding singer Jim Causley, this exuberant debut – largely constructed around emotive warlike themes – establishes them as Brit folk’s brightest new young guns, merging jazz nuances with driving fiddle/melodeon fuelled rhythms. Causley’s inviting voice does the rest.

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Track listing

  1. Jolly Broom Man
  2. L’Homme Arme
  3. Drummer Boy for Waterloo
  4. Keeper of the Game
  5. Cutty Wren
  6. The Saucy Sailor
  7. Todos Los Bienes Del Mundo
  8. The Downfall of Charing Cross
  9. The Cropper Lads
  10. Greenlander
  11. The Awkward Recruit
  12. I am The Song