Songs Of Dartmoor

2023 Hrōc Music

Songs of Dartmoor – Jim Causley & Friends.

Here at long last; Jim’s first album of exclusively Dartmoor songs. From ancient traditional ballads collected by the Reverend Sabine Baring-Gould to Music Hall ditties, Devonshire Dialect pieces and wartime songs right up to modern ballads composed by present-day songsmiths living on the moor. This album re-visits some well loved favourites as well as some lesser-known material and some brand new recordings. Songs of Dartmoor also features many collaborations with local artists and several surprise guest appearances! This album is a musical ‘tour of the moor’ which gives a fascinating insight into the rich folk culture of this very unique region of Britain.

Downloads are in both WAV and MP3 formats


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Track listing

  1. Adam the Poacher
  2. Craftsmen of the Moor
  3. Twenty-One Years on Dartmoor
  4. Blackingstone Ravens
  5. Bellever Week
  6. The Old Lych Way
  7. Chagford Show
  8. Childe the Hunter
  9. The Dinky Farm Nigh Burrator
  10. The Archangel Way
  11. Down ‘pon Ole Dartymoor
  12. The Hairy Hand
  13. Dartmoor POW Poems
  14. Song to Lydia
  15. Jan Pook
  16. Jay’s Grave
  17. My Lady’s Coach
  18. Tavvystock Goozey Vair
  19. Pride of the Moor
  20. Widdecombe Vair