Devon Saints cards

  • St Boniface cover

    St. Boniface card

    Size: 105x210mm. Inside blank / details on reverse.

  • St Sidwell cover image

    St. Sidwell card

    Size: 105x210mm. Inside blank / details on reverse.

  • St Boniface & St Sidwell cards

    Two Saints 6 Pack

    Size: 105x210mm. Inside blank / details on reverse.
    6 cards £12.00


  • Cyprus Well II – The Lockdown Sessions

    2020 Hrōc Music

    During these unprecedented times my creative juices have been flowing faster than ever and I’ve spent the lockdown writing at least two albums worth of new songs!  Obviously like all musicians, all of my work has been cancelled and it is looking likely that we won’t be returning to performing again until 2021. I am currently unable to afford to employ a professional sound engineer to record an album with, let alone pay for an artist to create the artwork, pay guest musicians to join me on the recordings or even pay for CDs to be professionally manufactured let alone hire a publicist!!

    And so I have decided one solution to plug the gap would be to record a homemade album myself on my computer in my bedroom! Something I’ve never done before but I have spent the last few months learning how to do it and I am rather pleased with the results I must say! I am not claiming that it is professional studio quality and the entire package will have a very homemade quality to it…    because it is!!! Entirely homemade! But the quality of the artistic vision will be unquestionable!! I have recorded some of my settings of Charles Causley’s poems that I composed back in 2008 and several of these are numbers that never made it onto the original ‘Cyprus Well’ album because there simply wasn’t room or time. The rest of the settings are brand new this year. Some are poems I have long wanted to do something with but never found a way to approach them until now. I have had great fun making this CD, learning as I went along and I hope that people who enjoyed the original Cyprus Well will find some new favourites among these new settings.

    Now I’m not forcing anyone to buy this CD of course but anyone who does so cannot complain that I didn’t make perfectly clear that the presentation will have a rather rustic charm!! But as I can’t do live concerts or afford to make a proper album, I thought this would be a much nicer alternative to a Patreon page where I have to stand on my head in countless ways for handouts or a Facebook Live concert with a begging bowl! So if you’d like to support an out-of-work musician, hear some brand new music and also help fund the making of my next studio album then buying a copy of ‘Cyprus Well II’ would be a fantastic way to do so! Thank you very much for reading and for your continued loyalty and all your invaluable encouragement. Love from Jim x

    Expenses incurred in the making of Cyprus Well II:

    Composing new material


    Computer recording programmes & plug-ins

    Midi Keyboard

    USB Vocal Microphone

    Microphone stands and pop shields


    Blank CDs

    Cardboard Wallets

    Padded Envelopes


    Printer Ink



    PayPal Fees


  • Live in Widecombe!

    2019 Hrōc Music

  • A Causley Christmas!

    2018 Hrōc Music

  • Special Commissions EP


    Spring 2018 - Hrōc Music

  • I Am The Song

    I AM THE SONG: Children’s Poems by Charles Causley

    2017 WildGoose Records

  • The Clay Hymnal

    The Clay Hymnal – Poems of Jack Clemo

    2016 Westwords Publications

  • Forgotten Kingdom

    Forgotten Kingdom

    2015 Hands On Music

  • Cyprus Well

    Cyprus Well – poems of Charles Causley

    2013 Folk Police Recordings

  • Dumnonia

    DUMNONIA – Traditional Songs of Devon

    2011 WildGoose Records

  • Mawkin:Causley - The Awkward Recruit

    Mawkin:Causley – The Awkward Recruit

    2009 Navigator Records

  • Mawkin-Causley - Cold Ruin

    Mawkin:Causley – Cold Ruin

    2008 Navigator Records

  • Lost Love Found

    2007 WildGoose Records

  • The Devil's Interval - Blood & Honey

    The Devil’s Interval – Blood & Honey

    2006 WildGoose Records

  • Fruits of the Earth

    2005 WildGoose Records

  • The Seasons in North Cornwall (track download)